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Sensitivity as a Quality!

Learn how to manage your energy in a mordern world.

  • Ended
  • pm
  • Ibiza or the Netherlands

Service Description

Being sensitive in a modern world: This retreat is for people who are sensitive, easy pick up for example atmosphere and emotions. It's a quality because you can easily read people and judge situations. Or you can, for example, be very creative, humor-full. But it can also cause you to feel 'loaded' and exhausted. Feeling no direction in life. You may consider then to what degree you are able to draw your own healthy bounderies, make choices in how much you invest in giving and sharing with others, holding your own space. In this retreat you make steps in learning how to do this, how this works for you! You will learn to set these boundaries in a natural way for you, learn how to 'collect' dispersed energy and how to charge yourself again. And also how a grounded and centered energybody will support you to be more resistent to energy loss and more suited to live from internal aims and a natural relaxed state.

Contact Details

Oldenzaal, Netherlands

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