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Deep dive for experienced energy workers

Deepening, broadening your level of control in energy work

  • Ended
  • pm
  • Ibiza or The Netherlands

Service Description

This is a retreat for people who are experienced in working with energy, like yoga teachers, healers and readers, who have fun in taking one or more steps in deepening, broadening and exchange. You will gain a deeper level of 'control' and greater reach in: - independly reading of energy in individual and group settings; - creating clear and supporting working spaces consciously for e.g. individual clients or group participants to explore or learn things. What are you already able of doing?: - You have cpmpleted one or more trainings or courses to gain knowledge about chakra's and working with energy; - You know how to ground yourself; - you enjoy exploring. Then this retreat will bring you: - being seen and kown by fellow-travelers on one of the nicest places on earth. - The peace and quietness , healthy and fine food and the deepening energy of the island Ibiza - Group and individual deepening training excercises in which you are invited to explore yourself to a next level. - two individuel coaching sessions in which reading will provide you information on a deep level about your qualities, longings, to take your next steps in your personal life, despite faced obstacles.

Contact Details

Oldenzaal, Netherlands

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