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Somewhere in my life. I was still quit young, I found out that ‘reading’ the energy of people, gave me information where my mind couldn’t. A lot of people say something else in words than that they feel inside. For years I worked so hard to find real connection with other people. To be appreciated by others by trying to adapt to their perception of the world!


Deep inside I realized by then already that there is a better solution. That the perception of the world of the one person isn’t better than the perception of some other person. That for me it’s about communication and alignment, to connect on a deeper level of awareness. From that level of connection there is always natural healing because of the experience of being recognized and ‘being seen’. At the same time the experience of being more aware and having a clarity in which information, feelings and experiences fall into place by itself. THAT, still is the basis for the healing and reading sessions I provide.


My personal exploration is therefore characterized by the connection of different aspects of being-human. I graduated in different University degrees (Environmental Technology, Development of Non-Western Countries, Teacher in secondary education, Management & Coaching). And also got education in Kinesiology, Tai Chi, certified educations as Chakra-Therapist, Healer and Reader.


At the moment I am combining my job as manager in secondary education with providing individual sessions in ‘life coaching’, coaching and teaching to students of Flux Trainingen Institute ( and organizing retreats and workshops in The Netherlands and Ibiza. This provides an ideal context for me and others to work and experience synergy in ‘who you are’ and ‘what you do’ in life.

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