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For me, life is about finding and holding a balance, expressing the purity of my inner self in relation to the complexity of the world I live and work in.  

Since early life I am longing to express the inner sense of purity. To be connected with my inner values in all situations life can bring you, so I can participate fully in life without a drain of energy. 


This inner drive is visible in my live by the compassion for the well-being of all creatures in nature, and also by an ongoing reflection of the things of life and decide if they still fit in or not. In this way I can maintain a free flow from the heart and a inspriring balance between compassion for myself and the world around me.  


I expressed my inner sense of creativity in my bachelar education as mucisian. By living on a small farm I expressed my passion for animals, especially doggs and horses. I became specialized in training horse-owners to understand and guide their horses, on the basis of inner calmness and mutual trust. 


Then I wanted to explore if the work I did with horses also would work in organisations. I graduated as a MSc Management & Leadership and started working as a manager in secondary education. In 2002 I was certified as a coach. Since 2017 I am attending Intuitive Training Courses to deepen my coaching skills and scope.

In the combination of working both as coach and manager, I aim to bring balance between the purity of inner motivation of teachers, while working in an organization that is ongoing in change and development. In this way I connect my own passion with my profession as manager. 

In the past years I met more and more people searching for more balance. In my sessions we find the key for doing that, by re-connecting to your inner purity and awareness and relating these to developments in your personal life, your longings and bringing clarity in the steps you want to take. 


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